Friday, May 19, 2017

Bob Beckel Fired Out The Cannon Again!

Bob Beckel said a racial slur towards a Black woman.

The Five lost one. The "token" liberal Bob Beckel once again is fired out the cannon over at Fox News. The crazy drunk said some offensive comments towards a Black woman.

Beckel was rehired at Fox News in late 2016 and back on the air in 2017.

Only three weeks ago, Jesse Watters was on "vacation" after he made crude remark about Ivanka Trump.

Allegations of racial slurs come to mind. Beckel had made offensive comments about Asians, Blacks and Muslims.
The Five lost one. The token liberal Bob Beckel was fired out the cannon.

Now Beckel is once again heading to the bar to drink his problems away.  He might get back on the blow.

The Five moved to 9pm after the chairs were shuffled. Bill O'Reilly's cannon firing left a huge hole in the Fox News primetime lineup. Tucker Carlson took over the 8pm spot after taken Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susten's spots. The Five followed up and then Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival.

Kimberly Gilfoyle is bragging about taking a job at the White House. She is rumored to be in position to be press secretary if Sean Spicer is fires out the cannon. I wonder if Donald J. Trump is going to grab her by know!

The Five hosts are now Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Juan Williams ans Kimberly Gilfoyle.

Please note: I do not take joy in a person's alcoholism and drug addiction. He had became sober in 2014. But given that Beckel talked shit about Black people in racially offensive terms, I don't hold back my disgust towards him, that network and the many supporters Donald J. Trump.

By the way, Roger Ailes is not a patriot. He was a panderer of gossip and hate.

The softball and many of his current and former colleagues were sharing their thoughts on the late media mogul who is a creepy ass pervert. I give Ailes credit for one thing.

He knew how to profit off of angry White people. He turned Fox News into an entertainment and news powerhouse. Ailes is only good for that.

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