Monday, May 15, 2017

Andy Lack Is Trying To Turn MSNBC Into Fox News!

MSNBC's ratings surged in the age of Trump. Now the CEO of the network is trying to disrupt that by letting Lawrence O'Donnell go.

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy Reid, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes are fiercely critical of Donald J. Trump. They are putting it down and ratings are up at MSNBC. But under the radar, their boss Andy Lack is trying to disrupt that.

It's causing progressive outrage.

There's rumors of cannon fire. Progressives are mounting a war against Andy Lack, the president of MSNBC because the possible cannon fire of O'Donnell despite the ratings.

Trump has personal ties to Lack. The leader of this once great country called Lack to complain about O'Donnell's program. Lack is trying to swing the network to be more balanced. This is calling a major backlash.

There's talk that he's trying to clean house with Hayes, O'Donnell, Reid and Rev. Al Sharpton.

O'Donnell's contract with MSNBC is about to end. There's word that Lack is trying avoid renewal despite him clobbering the competition in ratings.

O'Donnell was told to move his show to 6pm. O'Donnell felt comfortable in primetime and it angered Lack. Now the two are feuding and the disgraced Brian Williams is willing to take the spot.

There's calls to protest MSNBC for their swing to the right.

He's already pissed off Black journalists with the sudden replacement scandal on Today.
They are the voices of the resistance. With the addition of Brian Williams and Greta Van Susteren, the network is leaning to the right and it's pissing off progressives.
Lack hired Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News agitator who said "Jesus and Santa Claus were White." Kelly left Fox News after 10 years with the network. She and Gretchen Carlson were the key factors to the cannon fire of Roger Ailes, the former president and co-founder of the network. They hired her and fired Tamron Hall, a famed Black journalist. They downsized weatherman/celebrity agitator Al Roker's Today spot and moved her into the 9am spot.

Lack found replacements in Greta Van Susteren, Hugh Hewitt, Nicolle Wallace and George Will. These replacements are conservative. These agitators played upon the worse fears of America and they've done it on Fox News Channel.

Andy Lack, CEO of MSNBC.
Now that Fox News is sputtering with the sudden cannon firing of Bill O'Reilly, MSNBC seen its ratings boost with Rachel Maddow with Lawrence O'Donnell coming in next.

The Rachel Maddow Show has finished first for the first time since O'Reilly's cannon firing.

The Last Word came second beating Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival.

AM Joy is doing exceptionally well and always trending on social media. Reid replaced Melissa Harris-Perry. The former host of weekend program, Harris-Perry feuded with Lack after she was bumped for political coverage. She wrote an email to her friends saying that "purging" is happening and Lack is inept.

PoliticsNation did far better than For The Record with Greta Van Susteren. Sharpton held the 6pm weekday spot for nearly five years before he was demoted to Sundays.

Ed Schultz was then the 5pm weekday agitator. After tense conflict with Lack, Schultz was fired out the cannon on MSNBC. He would join RT America and promotes Russian propaganda and Trump.

We've seen major shakeups over at MSNBC before with the firing of Keith Olbermann.

Do you believe that Andy Lack is trying to turn MSNBC into Fox News?

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