Monday, May 22, 2017

Teen Carjackers Kill Kingston Frazier!

A teen carjacks a vehicle outside of a Jackson supermarket. The teen's murders Kingston Frazier, an innocent 6 yr. old boy for no fucking reason.

These callous teens murders a 6 year old boy. These teens were involved in a car jacking in Jackson, Mississippi. The Associated Press obtained a statement on Friday from a source with knowledge to the case involving the death of Kingston Frazier.

Two of the teens are trying to finger one another for the heartless murder of Kingston.

We are our own worst enemy.

What kind of human being would kill an innocent child for no fucking reason?

The boy was found shot to death at the side of a dead end street inside his mother's car.

Someone stole his mother's Toyota Camry after she was in the local Kroger while he slept.

Ebony Archie regrets ever leaving her son in the car. She was only in the store for a few minutes. At 1 AM, video footage shows one of the teens taking the car from the parking lot.
D'Allen Washington, Dwan Wakefield and Bryon McBride are going to face a possible DEATH card for the murder of an innocent boy.
These assholes, Dwan Wakefield, D'Allen Washington and Byron McBride are being charged with murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and carjacking. The murder charge alone in Mississippi could carry the DEATH card. But due to their ages and possible mental competency, LIFE in the iron college is likely.

These individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

It was nine hours before the law found the boy's boy in a small town outside of Jackson.

It angers law enforcement.

"All they had to do is let this kid off on the side of the road, at a grocery store, at a church, anywhere else, but they chose to kill the kid," a sheriff's spokesman said, according to the New York Times.

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