Thursday, April 06, 2017

Trump Orders A Strike On Syria!

Tiny hands ordered a HUGE strike on Syria. 

The breaking news tonight is the critically inept Donald J. Trump ordered a military strike on Syria.

It emboldens an international presence in the country. The U.S. had tried to distance itself from the civil war going on in the country. Now we're in this mess and it's likely we're going to have ground troops and threats of attacks from Syrian backed allies, the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other groups.

It also ignites a Middle East crisis. The United Nations and other groups weren't aware of this.

Trump's careless call to strike on Syria will cause a backlash. It will cause tension between Russia, Syria, the Arab League and the United Nations.

The U.S. said it will retaliate against Syria after allegations of the government using chemical weapons on people.

Syrian president Bashar Assad will certainly respond in due time. Trump will do a presser from his Mar-a-lago estate.

Russia warned that if America interferes in the Syrian affair, there will be consequences.

Trump now vows to dispose Assad. His actions will now bring the U.S. into an endless war.

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