Sunday, April 02, 2017

Time To Go!

The calls for a cannon firing are growing and Bill O'Reilly is now taking desperate steps to curb the shitstorm.

Bill O'Reilly is by far the most popular cable news agitator. His show, The O'Reilly Factor pulls in over 3 million viewers. His show has reign as the number one cable news program.

And today, he is facing calls for a cannon firing. This time, it's louder than ever and 21st Century Fox is considering the possibility of losing a cash cow.

The New York Times who O'Reilly often targets in his program had a bombshell story about the payouts to women who accused the conservative agitator of sexual harassment.

Since Roger Ailes was unceremoniously fired out the cannon nearly a year ago, the people over at Fox News are trying to keep their ship afloat. In the era of Barack Obama and now fuhrer Donald J. Trump, the network's ratings are still stronger than ever. Fox News is still top news channel even without Ailes and it's seem like it's not loosing steam.

O'Reilly as a lead in has made the company very profitable. But for all the profits and ratings, did Fox News allow a sexual predator continue to reign?

O'Reilly faces a series of allegations from numerous women. Some of these agreements totaled out to be worth $13 million.

Andrea Tantaros, Andrea Mackris and Dr. Wendy Walsh were victims of O'Reilly's harassment.

Also Rebecca Diamond, Laurie Dhue, Rachel Witlieb Bernstein, and Juliet Huddy were victims of O'Reilly's unwanted advances.

Walsh on her part hired Lisa Bloom and is willing to publicly acknowledge the agitator's unwanted advances.

She was a former guest on The O'Reilly Factor. She was offered a deal as a contributor to the program. It never happened because she declined an invite to meet O'Reilly in his hotel suite in 2013.

Turning down O'Reilly got her blackballed and she was none too happy about it.

A public relations firm being led by disgraced detective Bo Dietl was trying to do some research on the accusers. Dietl was instrumental in the smear campaign of Ailes' accusers.

O'Reilly calls it "extortion" because he's a controversial figure.

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