Monday, April 10, 2017

The Luv Guv Sees Iron Bars And Stripes!

Disgraced Republican governor Robert Bentley takes a mugshot at the Montgomery County, Alabama lockup.

He was defiant until the end. He was facing an impeachment. He was under federal watch for misuse of campaign funds. He was overreaching his position as a leader. And now he may pay for this with time in the iron college.

Former governor Robert Bentley resigns today. The Republican governor plead guilty to two counts of violating campaign finance rules.

"I can no longer allow my family, my dear friends, my dedicated staff and cabinet to be subjected to consequences that my past actions have brought upon them," said Bentley. "Though I have committed myself to working to improve the lives of the people of our state, there have been times that I have let you and our people, down, and I'm sorry for that."

Sorry his ass got caught. That's why he's apologizing.

Republicans control the State House and they even abandoned their figurehead. Bentley didn't really have a friend in the state.

Bentley resigned placing his second banana, Kay Ivey in charge of the state. Now Governor Kay Ivey must fix the mess.

Bentley was involved with his senior political advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason. They were both married at the time and carried on this affair during the first and early second term.

Now that he's convicted of criminal misconduct, he could face up to 20 years in the iron college.

Will the American people remember this?

Will this assure my point on the Republicans being too inept?

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