Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Facebook Killer Goes Out Like A Punk!

The terrorist who murdered a man on live social media was found.

The terrorist who had the Cleveland metro area on high alert was found in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State Police spotted the terrorist in Erie, about 90 miles from the city.

The terrorist was spotted and a brief pursuit occurred.

When he was cornered, he put a bullet in his head.

The Feds and Ohio law enforcement agencies had credible tips to the whereabouts of this monster. They knew he wouldn't get far without food, a restroom or sleep.

On Sunday, this terrorist posted on social media the fatal shooting of 74 year old Robert Goodwin, Sr. The terrorist was blaming his ex-girlfriend and Jack Casino Cleveland for his demise.

Many Americans showed an outpouring of sorrow for the Goodwin family.

To figure that a man who had "snapped" decided to put an end to an innocent man who was looking for aluminum cans.

Cleveland Police are trying to investigate claims that this terrorist murdered 12 people before he got Godwin.

Mind you that the Cleveland Police are under federal watch. The police force is severely inept in their duties.

They had dropped the ball on the Anthony Sowell rape and murder case. The kidnappings of Michelle "Lily Rose" Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were ignored for 10 years. The shootings of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell were an example of brutal use of deadly force. The shooting of Tamir Rice by a rookie cop with no proper training was brutal as well.

An overhaul for the Cleveland Police is unlikely. Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions and the useless members of Congress will allow police to get away with failure. They will allow these events to continue.

Trump will speak art the NRA Convention this month. He will ignore all the mass shootings, this incident and future incidents to come for a chance to appease his potential 2020 backers.

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