Saturday, April 01, 2017

Feds Spot Armed Teacher And Teen Close To The Border!

Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas were spotted in Oklahoma City. The two are considered armed and dangerous. 

The Donald J. Trump supporting former teacher and his tryst, a troubled 15 year old teen were spotted in Oklahoma City. The two are within days of making it into Mexico. Once they head to a nation that does not extradite criminals to the United States, it's a wrap.

Mind you that the young teen willingly took off with this guy. The feds are closing in on them. They are urging Mexico and Canada to arrest them if they approach the border.

They are considered armed and dangerous.

The junk food media has focused their attention on this. Tad Cummins is a 50 year old man who lost his job teaching in a Tennessee school. He was caught making out with a 15 year old girl who was enticed by him.

Cummins took out loans and bought a vehicle. He would pick up Thomas at a Shoney's and they took off. He is planning on planting a seed inside Thomas. And it's likely...he impregnated her.

The two were spotted in Oklahoma City in March at a local Walmart. This is the first clear sign of the two being seen.

Cummins is a survivalist. Thomas is willing to sacrifice her life for him. That's why I believe these two are dangerous.

The video shows that the two were changing their appearance. Cummins is spotted with a darker beard. Thomas is spotted with reddish hair.

I am still disturbed by the family of Elizabeth Thomas releasing a video of her helping her brother sew a Confederate flag. It almost makes me believe that the family has racial angst towards non-White people. Of course, the family supports Trump as well and kookspiracy theories.

I don't blame the victim. I don't condone rape. We here do not condone criminal acts by any person regardless of gender, race, sexuality, nationality, political and economic standings. 

Why I point out the teacher being a Donald J. Trump supporter?

Because the conservatives are obsessed with blaming Blacks, Muslims, immigrants, and liberals for the criminal acts of a person.

Cummins is solely responsible for his actions. His politics doesn't matter to me honestly. I just want to rub this in the eye of conservative trolls.

Again they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Cummins faces kidnapping, sexual assault of a minor, child enticement, having criminal tools and deliberately fleeing and eluding federal and state agencies.

Thomas may face delinquency, having criminal tools and deliberately fleeing and eluding federal and state agencies.

Those who are assisting them will be charged with criminal charges as well.

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