Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Charlie Murphy Passed Away!

Charlie Murphy passed away from leukemia. 

Damn, we lost another legend in comedy and hip-hop.

Legendary comedian Charlie Murphy passed away.

You best know Charlie Murphy as a featured player on The Chappelle Show. He was a featured player in The Boondocks and Black Jesus on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).

He was the older brother of Eddie Murphy.  I can only imagine how Eddie feels right now. He lost a part of him tonight and it's heartbreaking.

He lost a battle to leukemia. Comedians and the hip-hop community react to the passing.

His publicist told the junk food media that Charlie was cracking jokes with his family. They were calling him frequently checking on him. He felt they were calling too much.
Eddie Murphy with his brother Charlie.
He also helped Eddie through his comedy Norbit and Vampire in Brooklyn. He also was featured in the cult classic The Player's Club.

He leaves behind three children. His only wife Tisha Taylor Murphy died in 2009 of cervical cancer.

Rest in peace Charlie.

You finally are at peace with your lovely wife and the legendary icon, Prince.

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