Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BREAKING: Bill O'Reilly Fired Out The Cannon!

The end of the road for the longtime ratings king. 21st Century Fox and Fox News have decided to fire Bill O'Reilly out the cannon.

The New York Times bombshell story about the network paying out victims of sexual harassment and the joke about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) were his undoing.

Credible sources tell Gabriel Sherman that the executives were at peace with the decision. Despite the pleas from Rupert Murdoch to see how this played out, the rest of the board said enough is enough.

Donald J. Trump was notified of this.

Trump stand by O'Reilly during his scandal. He said that O'Reilly was a "good man".

During his run, O'Reilly was the kingmaker of cable news. His show pulled in 3 to 5 million viewers daily. He stood for "traditional" values and often picked fights with liberals, rappers, entertainers, and politicians.
Gone. After 21 years hosting on Fox News, Bill O'Reilly was fired out the cannon.
During his time on television and radio, he had said things that normally get people fired. He escaped this by denouncing the accusers and the media watchdog group Media Matters for America as "far-left" scumbags.

Now the 8pm spot is now vacant. Who will now take that spot?

I mean Tucker Carlson and Sean "Softball" Hannity are both disturbing individuals. They have a shoddy history and the progressive activist group Sleeping Giants is working to get them off the air.

O'Reilly was apparently in Italy and the Vatican City on his vacation. We don't know if the executives will give him an opportunity to sign off or they're just going to move forward.

In the last Wednesday show, O'Reilly said that he was going on vacation and won't return til April 24th. I guess this vacation is permanent.

This isn't over. Lisa Bloom is determined to get Fox News and its allies on record. The lawyer is representing Dr. Wendy Walsh, one of the accusers who claimed O'Reilly tried to sexually harass her.

Another bombshell was O'Reilly calling a Black woman working for Fox News a piece of "hot chocolate."

This is the biggest media shocks in the United States. The once untouchable conservative agitator finally gets fired by his own.

We got O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren, Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, Michael Flynn, AJ Delgado, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Don Imus, Dr. Laura, and Monica Crowley.

It's time to start going after Alex Jones, The Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Joseph Paul Watson, Mike Cernovich, Sebastian Gorka, Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, Eric Bolling, Steve Doocy, and Sean "Softball" Hannity.

Hit them in their wallets. Take them down fast.

On behalf of me, S.B and the rest of the contributors here on World News Today, we say to Bill O'Reilly: Goodbye and good riddance. 

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S B said...

Goodbye to the hypocritical racist misogynist.


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