Monday, April 03, 2017

Black Workers Still Lag In The Workplace!

Black America is tired of being sidelined for promotions and opportunities to grow.

When you get older and you work a job that you consider to be a "dead end", you start figuring that is it time for an out?

I've worked for a company for nearly 20 years. I am a dedicated hard working Black man.

But today, I am concerned that for all the hard work and dedication, I'm not getting a leg up at my employer and it's frustrating me.

As I see my white co-workers get the opportunities for management and promotions, I see the lack of diversity at my employer. There are no Black managers at my employer. And I am starting to notice that I'm the only Black worker at my department. Hence the notion that for all the hard work and dedication, Blacks are still a long way to the promise land.

This is a real issue going in.

Educated, dedicated and hard working Black Americans are still being sidelined.

White people who lack education, work ethic and are likely to leave within a year still earn more and are usually hired faster than the Black dedicated, hard working and well educated.

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