Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ann Coulter Is Mad Her White Extremist Rally Was Blocked!

White extremist Ann Coulter is stopped at the door.
The so-called defender of White rights is on Fox News complaining about the University of California-Berkeley announcing that her highly publicized speaking tour being cancelled due to safety concerns.

The UC Berkeley students and anti-fascist groups demanded that the college put the brakes on this turd. The turd was going to speak Thursday but postponed it out fears for her safety and the potential for violent riots.

Coulter went to the junk food and social media to say, "It's a sad day for free speech."

The last time the college erupted in unrest was the gay white extremist Milo Yiannopoulos coming to speak at the campus. That was canceled but it left the police overwhelmed with costly destruction of property.

The college Republicans knew how polarizing Coulter was. They did it to seek attention for their stupid group.

The Young America's Foundation saying that far left radicals continue to demonize Republican lawmakers and conservative agitators.

Coulter heeded the calls from city leaders that her appearance could cause a serious disruption. They probably would have billed YAF and Coulter for the damages.

Hit them in their wallets.

Stop the hate, the bigotry and sexism in the junk food media.

Coulter has made inflammatory statements on television and radio.

Why do advertisers continue to promote their products on programs that feature her?

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