Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Stand Off At The Vaughn Iron College!

Stand off at a Delaware iron college. 

The interns got the best of the inept guards and medical officials at Vaughn in Smyrna, Delaware.

Now the fuhrer, governor John C. Carney, Jr., and the FBI are notified of the situation.

 The took four workers hostage. They demand that Vaughn workers treat the interns with respect. They believe that the fuhrer's treatment of Americans in the iron college. They want education and rehabilitation for all interns. They want their books to be monitored and not abused by guards.

The hostage situation drew dozens of officers and law enforcement vehicles to the facility.

One of the hostages was released tonight and another one was released a few hours later.

We will get back with you on the latest going on with Vaughn.


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