Friday, February 10, 2017

Michael Flynn Got The Kremlin In His Back Pocket!

National Security Adviser may have been compromised.

Retired general and noted Islamophobe Michael Flynn is the current National Security Adviser.

Flynn had made numerous appearances on Fox News and got lap dances from the likes of Sean "Softball" Hannity. It's noted that Flynn was a contracted agitator on the network before he became a top advisor to the fuhrer. He is strongly in favor of the controversial Muslim ban that his fuhrer ordered.

Democrats have called for Flynn to be fired out the cannon after reports of him discussing sanctions and cooperation with Russia's Ambassador to the United States before the fuhrer took office.

Top officials including the vice fuhrer said last month that Flynn and Sergey Kislyak talked simply to arrange a phone call between the Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin and Fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Flynn was calling then president Barack Obama an "enemy of the state." He said that the sanctions that were imposed on the country after the accusations of the country meddling in the election.

Flynn was trying to calm down the tension between the U.S. and Russia as a private citizen. It was a clear violation of the Logan Act.

Now I'm wondering if the conservative agitators who longed demonized Obama will address this scandal in the making?

Nope. They're too busy trying to blame Obama for Trump's fuck ups!


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