Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Klan Man Found Dunked In The Missouri River!

Klan man found dead by the river in suburban St. Louis.

I don't condone violence. I don't wish no ill towards this ignorant piece of shit. Hopefully his murderers are caught and sent up the creek without a paddle.

The body of a Klan man who came up missing was found near the Missouri River.

Frank Ancona, a 51 year old laborer was an imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights, an offshoot of the far right terrorist group. He was found with a gunshot to the dome.

His wife reported him missing after he went out of state to do delivery work.

Local authorities question the alibi. His employer said he didn't take an out of state call. He failed to show up to work on Friday. He was on his duty on Wednesday.

The discovery of the guy wasn't reported as suspicious because a missing persons report had not been filed at the time, said the local junk food media. Police searched the area the following day but didn't find any evidence of foul play.
Klan leader hated non-Whites. He refused to follow the traditional Klan methods of terrorism.
There's something sinister going on inside the Klan man's home. The local authorities say that his safe was cracked and almost all the contents were emptied. There were signs of a firearm missing.

His wife who was planning to file divorce against him said that he was losing it.

On that note, failed presidential candidate and current asshat Ted Cruz, senator from Texas boldly said on Fox News the past week that the Democratic Party is "party of the Ku Klux Klan".

Yet, his party embraced Donald J. Trump. And the Klan endorsed him for president. Kind of funny that the Canadian born senator would go there. It's not like the Democrats nominated the African American for president. Oh, they did!

And because of the ignorance, we will have to wait for the day a woman can lead this country.

In the meantime, we have a former reality television star who became the leader. I dubbed this travesty "Fuhrer Donald Trump." He won the support of this White extremist movement called the Alt-Right. The movement is growing stronger and the Trumpster is giving them the language.


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