Wednesday, January 18, 2017

D.L. Hughley: You Trump Supporting Negroes Ain't Right!

DL. Hughley slams Trump and those who stand next to him.

DL Hughley doesn't apologize for his downright disgust towards the fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

He said in a social media video, "Fuck you and fuck you forever."

He also took issue with Floyd Mayweather, Jim Brown, Kanye West, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III being in the presence of the fuhrer.

"It amazes me, to convince Black people that Donald Trump cares about them, he takes pictures with celebrities," said Hughley. "If Donald Trump cared about Black people, he wouldn't have denigrated the president with those claims of birtherism. He wouldn't have stoked fears and racist fears saying this man is less than or not one of us to become president. If Donald Trump, cared about Black people, he wouldn't have, in the debates, talked about stop and frisk."

He slammed entertainers who decided to make it their business to "lecture" Black folks about Trump.

"Donald Trump takes pictures with Black people. --- You rather have Black people be football players, comedians and rappers than the president. You rather see us run the ball than run the country. That's why you do it."

He also called King, a "Gator of the King family". He said that King tried to sell his dad's bible and Nobel Peace Prize for money.

He pointed out Trump's nominee for Attorney General, the squinty eyed bigot Jeff Sessions.

Now The Hughleys is on Bounce TV. King is the co-founder and co-chairman of the network.

Hughley may lose syndication rights to his show for that comment.

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