Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dems Vow Unrepentant Opposition Towards The Fuhrer!

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) isn't attending the fuhrer's ceremony.

I will be watching something else on television if possible. I will not watch any events in honor of this man.

Nearly 40 Democratic lawmakers vow to oppose the fuhrer. They refuse to give credence towards a man who engaged in the most divisive man to ever run this country.

Jennifer Holliday bows out after many of her supporters vowed to boycott her shows. She cited that she had a scheduling rearrangement. The B Street Band backed out. They said they bowed out outta of respect towards Bruce Springsteen. The pressure is on 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith.

Keith is unapologetic. He said that he's done it for the two previous presidents. He will perform for the fuhrer.

Now the inaugural tickets are being passed out for free. It's not going to be HUGE event as he once promoted.

Trump's rhetoric has turned people off. He will not respect the polls or the public opinion about his policies.

Do you miss Barack Obama already?

We've taken a step forward putting a person of color in the White House. The Democratic Party has overcome the racist past. Now it's got to get away from the corporate capitalism that keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The Republican Party was then the party of change. Yet, it's only change is the color of the hair on most of the White men and women who represent the party as a whole.


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