Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chelsea Manning On Her Way Out!

Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted. She will be out in May. President Barack Obama decided the time served for leaking classified documents was dully served.

President Barack Obama won the day once again. For the LGBTQ community this is a huge victory!

For the conservatives, it's a disgrace to the military. After all, they believe that anyone who leaks to the foreign threats are criminals and deserve to be locked up. Unfortunately when foreign threats are attacking Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC, it's patriotic. The military is sacred according to the concern trolls of the white extremist movement the junk food media labeled the "alt-right".

The Army private who leaked classified documents to the controversial document dump website Wikileaks was granted a commuted sentence. Chelsea Manning was serving at least 35 years in the federal military time out for deliberately leaking classified documents that endangered the lives of her fellow soldiers.

Facing a court-martial and a death card, Manning decided to take a plea deal. She was sentence to serve her term in Fort Leavenworth.

While in federal time out, they allowed her to blog and share thoughts and prayers to her supporters.

When the solitary confinement was issued for not following the rules about internet access, Manning was placed in the hole.

She almost committed suicide twice while in the federal time out.

Before she was Chelsea, she was born Bradley Manning. She grew up in Oklahoma and later the country of Wales as a boy wanting to be a girl. She thought the best way to rid herself of the urges was to join the military.

Chelsea was not happy being in the field. She was taunted for being "gay" and "girly". He was standing at 5'1" and was sexual harassed by men.

She found herself facing gender identity disorder. She felt that as a guy she couldn't cut through the military's strict code of conduct. So she was hoping to find an out. She wanted to let her superiors know about her sexuality. At that time, the Don't Ask Don't Tell would immediately throw you out and you wouldn't be able to retrieve your benefits. So she backed out the idea at one point.

But somehow she wanted to attract attention. She was introduced into the hacker community where she found interest in community of anonymous hackers willing to bring attention to issues she felt weren't addressed in the military.

Well in the spring of 2010, Wikileaks would publish many cables and classified videos showing the U.S. doing some really fucked shit. It was an embarrassment. The U.N. and many other nations condemned the U.S. for brutal attacks on civilians.

While on duty, Manning was detained. He was immediately sent back to the United States and placed in the FBI/Marine Corps Base Quantico facility. She was immediately placed on suicide watch and was stripped of many items including her clothes to prevent her from using it as a noose.

As Bradley, she was subjected to many routine checks. She was getting frustrated with being held in confinement. So she started a hunger strike and wrote letters to many in the junk food media. She said that the walls were closing in on her and felt that the U.S. wouldn't give her a fair shake.

During trial, Manning made a deal to take the Death Card off the table. Manning would apologize for her actions. She would also remind the public that the U.S. should focus on the people in the ranks who committed war crimes instead of leaking documents.

For at least seven years, Manning was placed in protective custody. She was constantly being watched for suicide attempts.

Being denied for early release also stressed her out.

By that time, she was allowed to at least have hormone pills to at least have feminine body features.

President Barack Obama at first was not willing to commute Manning. It seems like for the actions done, she shouldn't have served a harsh sentence. Obama felt that the sentence was too harsh and he spared her.

Manning's fellow supporters include Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker who is trying to seek asylum in the Russian Federation and Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who is stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy awaiting an extradition to Sweden on allegations of rape. They thanked Obama although they asked for the president to spare them as well.

Manning hasn't spoken out on the commute sentence. But certainly she will thank the president for sparing her life. She is slated for release in May.

The Fuhrer hasn't spoken on the issue. But I am not sure if Donald J. Trump will fight the sentence or just ignore it. We don't know how an unpredictable pussy grabber acts around a transwoman.

For now, Chelsea Manning is a free woman.

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