Sunday, December 11, 2016

Unrepentant Criminal Get 3 Nickels For Fatal Car Crash!

The unrepentant Kyndra Shackleford had a breakdown when the court handed her a lengthy bid in the iron college.
Be warned the videos shown are disturbing.

Well I don't watch the local news. But I happened to hear about the situation with the Dayton, Ohio woman who led the Montgomery County Sheriff and Huber Heights Police on a chase that led to a deadly encounter. The victim Marcus Harper was on his way home when Kyndra Shackleford was in a trick's vehicle she taken from a local gas station. The police gave pursuit which led to speeds ranging over 100 mph.

Shackleford blew through a light near the Hollywood Gaming racino and struck the vehicle that Marcus and passenger Loretta Creech were in. Marcus died on impact and Loretta was severely injured.

Ever since she was a juvie she had run-ins with the law. Before this event, she was the woman who fired shots in the air to provoke a former boyfriend. She was a troubled teen who could not find the help she needed. She was bipolar and a victim of abuse. It's not an excuse for the reckless behavior, but the thrill of the chase and the fear of being caught drove her to flee.

Shackleford was under the influence of alcohol at the time and she had felonies on the books.

Huber Heights Officer Mike Winterbotham was the officer who gave chase and radioed for assistance.

The court threw the book at her. She got 15 to LIFE in the iron college. With time served she could be out in 16.5 in the iron college.

The court ordered her to pay the restitution for the victims. She was fined $1,590 and is banned from driving for LIFE. If she is released to in-house via parole, if she is caught driving on the road, she could go back to the iron college to serve LIFE.

The Huber Heights Police, Montgomery County Sheriff and Dayton Police are not off the hook either. The officer's need to "stop a bad guy" when they take off in a vehicle is becoming a real danger to the community. They have to evaluate how to handle high speed pursuits.


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