Friday, December 23, 2016

So What's Your Take?

Whether you like or not, Donald J. Trump will be the next president. 
I keep my word. You will have an opportunity to "shout out" your concerns.

Please leave a name and message. It doesn't matter if the message is for or against the postings.

Anonymous comments are deleted. Any threats towards me or any contributor to this blog will be turned over to the local law enforcement.

I feel that this nation is going in the wrong direction and I am going to be more vocal about this.

The usual nonsense about "coming together" will played in the junk food media. They will call for unity and hope for a better tomorrow. You know that's all crap right?

Do you believe Donald Trump will unite the country?

Yeah. I believe that Donald Trump can bridge the gap and bring everyone to the table. I have hope that he can unify Americans after a bitter election.
Hell no. I can't support Donald Trump. He is an example of why Americans can't come together. He basically makes me sick. I just can't unite behind a person who says things that are extremely damaging to this country.
I have no opinion of Donald Trump. At least I will give him a chance. Whether I like it or not, he's our president.

I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I will not be thinking about coming together. I will not sing kumbaya. I will not normalize favoritism, nepotism, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia and ignorance.

With four weeks to go before your President (I meant fuhrer) Donald J. Trump takes office. He and his Vice President Mike Pence will take the country in a different direction.

Hopefully they don't fuck it up.

But like most Republicans, they'll fuck up and then blame the Democrats for it.

I mean seriously, I can't stomach Trump as the 45th President of the United States. He doesn't have the patience, the temperament, the stamina or the charisma of a leader. He is an embarrassment.

He's an old man who says stuff that is considered racist, sexist, chauvinistic, and ignorant. He skirted through life off his father's fortunes. He's a very ungrateful human being. He never apologizes even if he's wrong. He distracts the public with silly feuds and shiny coins. He is a miserable SOB with billions and a bunch of poor miserable SOBS and bigots voted this orange dick in office.

Again, we are not pointing a gun to your head telling to read our blog. We have the same right as many of you to voice support or dissent towards an issue. If you don't like the blog or our opinions, that's your problem. You certainly have the right to visit other blogs. I don't feed the trolls.

I don't argue with the trolls. Your head is firmly stuck up Trump's ass and you're likely tossing his salad.

I don't read word vomit from anonymous trolls.

I certainly won't waste my time responding to it.

Call us everything out the book. We don't care! We're built like stone and it's nearly hard to break us.

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