Monday, December 26, 2016

Out On Bail And Still Shooting!

New York bar owner killed by unrepentant criminal 
Mt. Vernon, New York bar owner was killed and five others were injured by a terrorist who just got out of the county lockup.

The Mt. Vernon Police and Westchester County boys were quick on apprehending the terrorist.

They checked the videos and saw this asshole popping his piece.

Again there's no such thing as unity. Gun violence is an everyday thing and it's an epidemic that can't be stopped. An inept Republican-controlled Congress will not take up the matter. They rather play upon the usual fear-mongering that helped the fuhrer win the election.

This shooting ruined the lives of many this Christmas.

The Mansion was the scene of the shooting in which owner O'Neil Bandoo was kicking out a group of rowdy assholes who were ruining the night by acting ignorant. Bandoo was killed in the lobby after the terrorist Errol Hillary got booted out.

Security guards at the club helped cops tackle the gunman as he tried to bolt from the scene.

The terrorist was caught in the Bronx. He will be formally charged with murder. He will also answer for having a weapon under disability. He was just released from county lockup on a similar charge.
The Mansion nightclub is closed indefinitely.
He posted a $200K get out free card for attempted murder in the Bronx.

The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

Mayor Richard Thomas was none too happy about this. "It's a dark day in our city."

Over 200 people were in the club and nearly a dozen were either injured from the fight or the shooting.

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