Saturday, December 17, 2016

Joe Mixon Served A Woman Knuckle Style Chili!

Joe Mixon regrets the encounter. His reputation as an abuser of women sticks.

Oklahoma Sooners tailback Joe Mixon faces the wrath of the junk food media after he served a woman a knuckle style chili. The victim finally speaks out and demands accountability.

Back in 2014, Mixon entered Pickleman's Cafe and walked up upon Amelia Molitor. They had a brief engagement. Amelia would shove him and slap him over the face. That's when he served her a knuckle style chili.

Apparently she called him a NIGGER before she shove him.

Watch the video. It's disturbing.

The force laid her out. She had to get her jaw wired shut. She now suffers from PTSD and fears the retribution from the public for telling her story. She had ended her social media ties after the alt-right started trolling her with death threats and "That's what you get" remarks.

Now in Euless, Texas, Amelia is back in the spotlight telling her story.

"I though that every single person looked at me knew me and hated me," she told the junk food media.

Much of the criticism was focused on her and not Mixon. The social media wanted to shame her for slapping Mixon. They passed around the public records of her arrest for minor weed possession.

Molitor quit her job and went into hiding.  She feared the video will not tell the complete story. She admits slapping him but there's more to the story.

Mixon was charged with a misdemeanor for the serving her knuckle style chili and he entered a plea.

He was given in-house and 100 hours of community control and anger management.

The public release of the video should get him fired out the cannon. But is it too late?

He got freezer burn for the 2014 season and was able to play in 2015 and present season. He will be participating in the Sugar Bowl on January 2. This could be his last game with the Sooners.

But with this video release, will this affect his chances with the NFL if he is enlisting for the draft?

Will the release of the Joe Mixon assault tape affect his chances with the NFL?

Hell yeah. I believe this tape shows reckless judgement. The NFL's code of conduct doesn't tolerate this behavior.
Nah. The woman should not have slapped him. She was in the wrong. I don't understand why people believe a man should walk away when a woman assaults him.
They were both wrong. Amelia Molitor should not have attacked him. Joe Mixon should not have attacked her. These two both need to apologize to each other and solve this problem.

I want to say that Mixon was wrong. He should have at least tried to walk away and got the attention of the police. I mean he might have jeopardized his career because of this.

Mixon's attorneys said that he formally apologized to Amelia and hopes to put this ugly thing behind him.

I blame Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Mary Fallin, James Lankford and Jim Inhofe for the actions of Joe Mixon. They allowed this young man to punch this woman in the face. They don't support funds for assault victims. They allowed that corrupt Tulsa cop Betty Shelby murder Terence Crutcher. They allowed earthquakes disrupt the state's natural beauty because of their obsession to look for Black gold, Texas tea.

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