Thursday, December 01, 2016

Ace Hardware Spits On Standing Rock Protest!

Ace Hardware refuse to sell items to Standing Rock protesters.

Conservatives are boycotting Kellogg's for not sponsoring websites like Breitbart. The white extremist website was crucial to that controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/reality television star. He will be is your next president. They promoted stories that many consider anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-Native American and anti-immigrant.

Kellogg's promotes diversity and they don't want to be associated with hate and they along with other venues cut ties to Breitbart. Now the white extremist are mad an they are throwing their cereals and snacks in the toilet.

Now, Ace Hardware is facing the wrath of the consumer. Now progressives are boycotting the hardware company for supporting the crucial treatment of Native Americans protesting a pipeline that could inflict harm on the water supply in the Midwest.
Keep fighting.
The hardware company said that it will support its affiliates refusal to sale items to Standing Rock Protesters. The company said it will not sell "incendiary" products in the vicinity of Standing Rock pipeline.

The refusal to sell propane to thousands of Native Americans and their allie who are now camped in blizzard conditions. These are the people who are defending the Missouri River and burial places from Dakota Access Pipeline. This is the latest in a campaign of total disregard for human life by North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple and Morton County sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

The Standing Rock protest is ignored by the junk food media. For nearly a year, the Standing Rock Native American reservation and its allies have protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline could threaten the water supply and their spiritual grounds.

Protests began in March and it's been ongoing ever since. The junk food media has ignored the brutal police encounters with protesters. Morton County's sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has been in the crosshairs of the protesters, He has demanded they be removed by order of the court.

Some of the protesters were injured by the police dogs. Some were injured by police projectiles and pepper spray. This is being ignored.

This issue is ongoing and President Barack Obama and the incoming dictator haven't mentioned much about it.

Energy Transfer Partners is hoping to built this pipeline and they're hopeful the dictator could get the ball rolling.

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