Friday, December 09, 2016

Who Would Hire Jeffery Williams When He Ain't Selling?

Thugger tears into Black women doing their jobs. He waves wads of cash at them saying that he's privileged.

That's the question I want to ask you about the Atlanta rapper. If a 6'3" heavily tattooed Black man would walk into a job interview with tattoos on his face and piercings on his face, would you hire him?

Jeffery Williams, known professionally as Young Thug made himself the talk of the nation this week after he disrespected two airline staffers who wouldn't let him board a plane. The rapper would then call these women "ants" and throw $15,000 at them to quit their jobs. Thugger disrespected Black women.

This video happened to show up on social media Wednesday night.

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Thugger was poking fun at the two Black female workers after he claims they tried to make him miss a flight. Flashing a Bentley bag full of cash, he begins the video by explaining that he has attempted to offer the women $15,000 a piece if they quit their jobs.

Thugger got shade when the woman said to him, "You need to get me off of camera and you need to step away from this counter."

"These two ants are so rude," Thugger said. "Look--- these two ants are so rude, they're peasants! They're saying their manager is on the way. I don't want to talk to the manager. Y'all are ants. Your manager is a peasant. And y'all are ants."

Then after they women bluntly said no to the offer, Thugger said, "I'm giving you bums one more chance." He would tell the person using their camera phone "sink in" on the woman's hair.

"Their hair nappy as a motherfucker. Looks like African-looking," said the rapper. "Seattle, man, I can't make my show because I got into a little altercation in the airport with two civilians."

When he published the video on his official social media, he got hammered by Black women and the junk food media for his antics.

Thugger would later apologize for acting out at the airport.

So if this right for him to disrespect Black women, should we go after his girlfriend, his daughters and his mother?

Matter of fact, should we go after his antics which some would question his sexuailtity?

Since the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature reality television star became your next fuhrer, it's given rise to the -isms. Racism, sexism, favoritism and nepotism are alive and well in Donald J. Trump's America.

When it comes to being a celebrity, you want to be recognized for the hard work you've done either in politics, sports, entertainment or heroics.

This is a common theme to disrespect Black women.

Young Thug is affiliated with the domestic terrorist group The Bloods. He released three mixtapes this year, I'm Up, Slime Season 3 and [No My Name is] Jeffery on 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records. He is working on a collaborative mixtape with Gucci Mane, Bryan "Birdman" Williams, and his official debut album called Hy!£UN35. He is the father of six children. He resides in Atlanta's suburbs.

Rappers who gave shout outs, disses or name drops to the fuhrer.


When it came to Trump, when they mentioned his name, they said it because they were bragging about being rich. But then again, he became a part of hip-hop when these rappers disrespect women

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