Wednesday, November 30, 2016

πŸ˜’ "SIGH!"

Course correction.

Last posting of the month. Next month I'll get ready to cover 2016 in review.

I'll be ready for 2017. I'll make sure that I will continue to bring the A-game to World News Today.

Okay, thanks for reading. And yes, I'm so freaking lame. I am so freaking lame for not giving you a platform to respond to these postings on World News Today.

Normally, I often just delete these comments and move on. But today, I want to set the record straight about who we are and what you are.

1) No one put a gun to your head telling you to read our blog.

2) Me and S. Baldwin been doing this stuff for years. We're not going anywhere.

3) We cover this stuff as well as the junk food media. It was worth noting because of the not so good police officers and the communities they're supposed to protect, I wouldn't be covering these issues.

On the previous post. Yeah, I'm pissed that cops are getting away with murder. I will not be surprised that more violence will happened towards those in law enforcement by the irrational. For every bad cop, there's a cop who died because of that one. The problem is that 1 out of 4 officers makes the whole bunch seem like they're advocating criminal behavior.

4) White privilege is an issue brought by a White scholar and White comedian. It wasn't our idea to bring up this issue. We just wanted to share this in order to prove a point.

5) So what! I said, Trump Supporters Flaunt "White Privilege" Towards Black Women. This stuff is frequently covered by the junk food media. Not to mention the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League's monitoring of hate crimes since Donald J. Trump became your president. 

Maybe I could say White Bitch Berates Black Women At Michaels and go fully uncensored.

But that's not what I wanted. I wanted to point out the #NeverTrump and #Notmypresident meme. If the last postings on this blog say Resist The Racist Trump, would you be more inclined to post your worthless comments on this blog. Why do you often find someway to worm your opinion into postings that deal with racism?

Do I need to put an adjective on everything that I've post?

So if I want to say I Want Donald Trump To Fail: Will you go bananas over that?

6) Grow the fuck up. This is an opinion and mixture of a news blog. Some of the stuff posted will be controversial and inspiring. We do not apologize for that.

We understand you have a right to discourse. We have a right to delete you, ignore you, block you and end all contact with you. You may get mad. You may create hundreds of blogs, base your whole life around us and the blog, but you can't move a rock without breaking your back. We're a rock and we're not going to be moved. I want to prove to our good readers that our issues matter. We're not trying to make our issues based on one issue.

If you don't care about our issues, that's your problem.

7) I don't know you personally, but I bet you that you're not liked among people. I can tell that you spend countless hours and days trying to debate them "oh so liberal" agitators and those Black people who have an opinion. You troll blogs such as this one because it's "A BLACK BLOG."

You want to vomit about how it's not fair for THE BLACKS to bitch about injustices.

White men and women have injustices too! Yeah, that's what you're saying to us? You want us to focus on more criminal acts by Black folks, right?

You want us to attack President Barack Obama and his family because in your mind, he's the biggest racist to ever be in the White House. Well now it's our turn. You want to defend Donald Trump and his family because in your mind, he's draining the swamp. Well sir or ma'am, he's not doing that.

He's a White old, privileged man-child. He is a controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature/reality television star. He will be your president, not mine.

I will do what you and many of your Republican friends done to Obama. We will target Republicans for their ineptness. We will make sure Donald Trump has a rough four years. He's 70 years old.

By the end of his first term he will look like a 95 year old man.

You believe everything is liberal and corrupt. The air, the roads, the television, the shows you watch, the blogs, the colleges, the highways, the ocean, the planets and the animals. They're all liberal right?

8) That's why it's great to post on a blog. We expect this stuff. Thank you for reading. I don't agree with you and I don't have to call you names to say that. I don't have to keep promises either. So if you're reading this again, make sure you take the time to read 6 and 7 again. That's the only response that matters to you. You can call it an insult on your intelligence or name calling. It doesn't matter.

The rest is just me venting.

Hey anonymous trolls, watch concern troll (alt-right) blonde beeyotch Tomi Lahren get nailed to the floor by Trevor Noah. Listen carefully to what is being said before you beeyotch once again on our blog.

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