Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fox Interrupts Black Guests!

Megyn Kelly disrespects another African American.

A viral video going online of Fox News host Megyn Kelly debating DNC chief Donna Brazile over Wikileaks and the Hillary Clinton emails. It had me thinking today about how these agitators on that network continue to show disrespect towards Black guests on their programs.

Kelly was pressing the interim DNC chief about the John Podesta emails.

Wikileaks have hacked into the Democratic top adviser's emails intentionally. Conservatives have seized upon the gossip and insider talk within the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Kelly had a moment of gotcha when pressing Brazile on the leaked town hall question.  The email was dated March 12, one day before a CNN town hall co-moderated by Roland Martin at TV One.

When Kelly asked where her got the question that "verbatim was provided by Roland Martin the next day," Brazile denied that she received any questions from CNN.

Pressed further, Brazile asked, "What information are you providing to me that will allow me to see what you're talking about?"

When Kelly cited the email released by Wikileaks, Brazile responded, "As a Christian woman, I understand persecution. But I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is false."

Brazile added that the email in question was stolen and argued that she will not validate falsified information.

Remember that Brave New Films released Fox Attacks Black America and put together the most shocking things that were said through the mouths of Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto and Sean "Softball" Hannity.

The network devotes its time to putting on black buffoonery.

Lunatics like Stacey Dash, David Clarke, Kevin Jackson, and Jesse Lee Peterson are given airtime to trash Black leaders.

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