Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ACORN "Pimp" James O'Keefe Flops Like A Fish!

The folks over at Fox News cancelled alt-right troll James O'Keefe's appearance on the softball's program. The softball was teasing a video from Project Veritas about protesters "bird dogging" at Donald Trump campaign stops.

O'Keefe is notorious for doing undercover videos of individuals who he claim are liberal propagandists. He often films them without consent and selectively edits these videos to make it seem like something is sinister going on.
Fox News didn't bring alt-right troll on its programs because of his history of misleading videos.
He and his allies often to justify these accusations by saying that the "junk food media" blackout his investigations. He and his allies often try to ambush anti-conservative agitators.

O'Keefe was trying to piece together this allegation that some liberal group was deliberately trying to rile up Donald Trump supporters. It's almost amazing that in this free society, an agitator is given the freedom at their risk to disrupt political events.

This nobody named Scott Foval, a former advocate for the Americans United for Change was chatting with an operative for nearly 20 minutes. Throughout the video, he says some stuff that makes it look like the DNC is deliberately trying to pay people to get roughed up by Trump supporters.

Far from that. The Americans United for Change and other groups O'Keefe tried to infiltrate said that O'Keefe is pathetic and he's not telling the truth.

You know the softball is the biggest Trump supporter in the conservative media. He's risking his career on the controversial billionaire winning the presidency.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is treading on thin ice with the Fox News executives.

The softball is saying to his audience in real time that "Fox News can't independently verify the video but we will cover some of it."

When the softball often introduces a "bombshell", he doesn't often say it's truthful.

Since Roger Ailes was fired out the cannon, the Murdoch family is trying to do clean up. They want to keep the viewers watching. However they want the network to be valid in the truth.

The softball doesn't tell the truth to his viewers and listeners. He's often parading nonsense as opinionated journalism.

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