Friday, September 02, 2016

Brock Turner Enrolled In Offender U!

Convicted rapist isn't truly free. He will have to register in Offender U for the rest of his life.

Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swimmer is out of the California lockup where he was spending three month bid in. He's heading back to Ohio to spend the rest of his life in hiding. He will now have to register in Offender U for the rest of his life.

Turner out on bail dodged the cameras and got into his attorney's vehicle. One of America's most hated men is now free to live his life. He will live his life under a watchful eye though.

Most Americans believed his privileged life got him off easy. If he was a person of color, they would lock the individuals up for the rest of their lives.

His sentence was criticized by the junk food media for being too damn light. The judge who handed Turner his fate faced harsh criticism. This became a national outcry over how the justice system treats sexual assault.

Turner who is 21 years old heads to his folks home in Dayton, Ohio. He will be heading to the local probation office to register his life to the state. Wherever he goes, that label will follow him.

State judge Aaron Persky faces the ire of voters. They want his ass gone. He fired himself out the cannon recently. Persky will not do criminal trials anymore. He will deal with traffic violations for the time being.

The judge said that Turner's actions left a "severe impact" on a promising future. That outraged the victim. Sexual assault victims often are shamed for the way they dress, the way they act around people and the actions they do while under the influence of alcohol.

Most rape victims never report to the law out of fear.

Reminder: The junk food media loves "hot teacher" stories. Some educators are sexually assaulting their students. Some of these educators are hot attractive white women. I have yet to see a "hot teacher" get a lengthy sentence for having a sexual encounter with a twelve year old child.

This needs to change.

Anyone accused of having rape a person should be charged with a crime. They should be convicted in a court of law. They are innocent until proven guilty of course. The court of public opinion shouldn't matter. The judge, prosecutor and jury are the things that matter.



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