Friday, June 10, 2016

The Muhammad Ali Funeral!

Down in Louisville, the nation celebrates the life and legacy of the greatest. Muhammad Ali will be buried in his hometown today and the junk food media is covering it.

Ali passed away of respiratory failure and complications from his Parkinson's Disease.

His funeral will be in traditional Sunni and many of the interfaith community will aid in a proper burial of the charismatic boxer and activist.

A man who stood his ground and never backed down.

Billy Crystal, Bryant Gumbel, Bill Clinton, Will Smith and Ali family will participate in the funeral.

President Barack Obama couldn't attend because Malia is graduating from high school. He and First Lady Michelle Obama have called the Ali family on Wednesday to have formal conversation with the family about the passing. Valerie Jarrett will be there for the president.

Thousands will be attending this event.
President Barack Obama: Muhammad Ali was the greatest, period.
His motorcade will start from southeast Louisville. His motorcade will travel the Watterson (Interstate 264) and exit off to Interstate 65 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway). It will travel through central Louisville and exit off towards Interstate 64 in downtown. It will proceed through downtown and down towards the Muhammad Ali Center. Then the motorcade will exit Ninth Street and head towards Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Then it was going to through central Louisville and towards the Cave Hill cemetery for a private session.

The event will begin at 2:00 pm and it's being livestream by many media outlets.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Muhammad Ali. He inspired millions and changed the world forever. He will be missed among those who know him or never had an opportunity to met him.

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