Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Democratic Nominee Is....!

The first woman in U.S. history to be the nominee of her party. Hillary Clinton says that it's not over until the final primaries. Clinton is knocking Bernie Sanders out the park.

Yesterday, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton officially sealed the deal. She is the presumptive Democratic nominee and it's certainly pissed off her opponent U.S. senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

A first in U.S. history, a woman will represent a national party for president. Seems like the Democratic Party is the party of progress. The Democrats nominated and the American people elected twice the first Black president. Barack H. Obama was a senator from Illinois when he declared his bid for president in 2007. He was facing Hillary Clinton, then a senator from New York and former First Lady of the United States for the Democratic nomination.

It was one of the most fiercest primaries in the country. Of course, this is a fierce primary as well.

Sanders who's facing calls to end the race isn't going away. He believes that the superdelegates endorsing Clinton was a mistake and the progress is "rigged".

His stubbornness is also a factor to why this isn't going his way. He managed to push the Democrats further to the left.

The president is about to formally endorse Clinton after the six primaries.

President Barack Obama is eager to campaign. He believes that the focus on Congress being inept and Donald Trump's bombastic rhetoric are keys to helping the Democrats win back the senate and maybe the White House.

Republican Donald Trump is facing controversy after he singled out a judge for being a "Mexican".

Trump is facing a federal lawsuit for his defunct Trump University. He singled out Gonzalo P. Curiel for being a hater and wants his supporters to troll him. Of course, threatening a federal judge could land you in federal time out for years.

Republicans are calling for Trump to end the feud with Curiel. No signs of letting it go from the Trump campaign.

California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, New Jersey, and New Mexico are today.

Clinton told her supporters that it's not over! She said that everyone continues to vote.

California and New Jersey are nail biters. Clinton leads by four against Sanders. Matter of fact, if she blowouts the six states, she will be the official nominee.

Right now, Clinton, Sanders and Trump are campaigning in each state to seal the deal.

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