Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clinton Pulls A Win In The Bluegrass!

A small victory is a still a victory!

The Kentucky Democratic primary goes to the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She ended up beating Bernie Sanders in a nailbiter.

If Clinton would have face another defeat, it would have made the race more complicated.

Sanders didn't pour a lot of money into this race. He figured that her comments about coal country would have doomed her chances at winning the state.

Given the state elected a right wing bigot governor named Matt Bevin and the Kim Davis fiasco, Democrats would have not supported either Clinton or Sanders.

The Sanders campaign was hoping for an upset. Hopefully the Oregon primary could be a victory for Sanders.

Clinton has also invested time and money in the bluegrass state in an attempt to blunt Sanders' recent surge of primary victories and strengthen her position in the general election if she's nominated. Her 300-strong lead in pledged delegates, along with an advantage among party officials and superdelegates, almost assure her the nomination.

Clinton isn't expected to win in Oregon's Tuesday primary, which will be decided by an electorate that's mostly white, liberal, and seemingly pro-Sanders. The Oregonian reports on voters coming up to the polls saying they prefer Sanders because he focuses on income inequality or because, says one, Clinton is "criminal." Oregon is actually holding Tuesday primaries for both parties, with 61 Democratic delegates and 28 Republican delegates up for grabs, but hasn't posted any returns yet. Like all Democratic primaries, Oregon and Kentucky will divvy up delegates proportionally, so Sanders isn't likely to make much of a dent in Clinton's delegate-lead, Five Thirty-Eight notes. Follow the latest results at the New York Times.

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