Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fox Wants To Make Asses Of Sanders And Clinton!

Fox News wants to host a debate with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. If they appear on the network's debate, they will elevate the network's negative attacks on the two.

The right wing network is hoping that the Democrats have one more chance to duke it out.

Should the Democrats appear at the debate?

Given how they've attack President Barack Obama and the Democrats in general, I would think it's a setup. Fox News will waste no time going after Clinton with allegations of her husband Pres. 42 (Bill Clinton) cheating. They will bring up Benghazi and her private email server being hacked. They will bring up her coughing and allegations of taking money from Saudi Arabia. These distractions will outnumber the actual questions about the economy and jobs.

The network won't spare Bernie Sanders. They will ask questions about his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, his struggles to appeal to Black and Hispanic voters, his tax proposals, socialism, and being the oldest candidate running. They will also rile up questions about the superdelegates.

In other words, a huge waste of time.

So far, the Sanders campaign accepted this farce.

“Both campaigns have been invited by Fox News to a debate," Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager, said in a statement obtained by Politico. "We have told the network that we would accept the invitation with the understanding that we can reach mutual agreement on the debate moderators, the format and other details."

They believe that might be the last hope in scoring an upset victory in California. The last state in the primary will hold the largest cache of delegates.

Clinton is less than 2% away from capturing the nomination and Sanders and his supporters believe the system is rigged in her favor. His supporters are starting to become more of an annoyance than passionate voters. The same trolls who wanted Ron Paul for president evolved into Bernie Sanders supporters.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Ohio primary. In this state, you can be an independent voter but you still have to declare a party affiliation. I've opted for the Democrats. If I would have chosen the Republicans, I would have voted for Trump. At the time, Trump was incredibly weak. But now that the mainstream Republicans are starting rally around him, it's possible for him to beat the Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton and Ohio governor John Kasich end up winning the state overwhelmingly. Kasich's only victory was the state of Ohio. He failed at winning any other state before eventually ending his dismal campaign. Clinton's win in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio were blows to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders refuses to concede the race and threatens to take this to a contested convention.

He didn't spend a lot of money in the state of Indiana and West Virginia. He would end up winning Indiana by a squeaker, Oregon and West Virginia in blowouts.

The junk food media already ruled out that Sanders's bid for the White House is difficult. He couldn't seal the deal in many of the key states and his complaints about the delegates is giving the perception that he's a "sore loser". His supporters acting a fool kind of made his negatives go up. Now he's just as equally disliked as Trump and Clinton.
Is it worth the Democrats time to go on a network that isn't friendly towards them?

Now I am starting see concern that Hillary will have a harder time to take on Donald Trump.

Trump's ignorance inspires more ignorance. His rhetoric is bombastic and Republicans love it. Some of the conservative Democrats are starting to take notice to him as well.

The Supreme Court, the economy, jobs, and terrorism will be agitated by the candidates and the junk food media. The distractions about personal matters will be used by the agitators to throw off the conversation about how to make things better for the United States.

I am still discouraged by the candidates running for the Democratic and Republican nomination.

I believe that the Democrats should skip the Fox. They are wasting their time debating a bunch of condescending assholes masquerading a journalists.

In 2007, the Nevada Democratic Party and the Black Congressional Caucus canceled the Fox News debate after Softball Hannity, Fox & Friends, John Gibson and boss Roger Ailes railed on Barack Obama's religion and former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

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