Friday, November 13, 2015

Tragedy In Paris: Terrorism On Friday The 13th! #PrayForParis

The global city of Paris was rocked by a horrific terrorist attack.

I don't want to jump to conclusions on the death count, but I can tell you that the causality count is extremely high. Me and S. Baldwin send our condolences to the victims of tonight's tragedy in Paris.

According to the numerous sources, there was a series of mass shootings and bombings in the entertainment districts of Paris.

This worst of the attacks happened at the Le Bataclan Music Hall. The concert featured American rock band Eagles of Death Metal. While people were cheering on the music, these terrorists opened fire on concert goers, people enjoying dinner and watching a soccer event. These individuals who were cornered by the law decided to take more lives out by detonating suicide explosives.

This tragedy has merit global attention.

#PrayforParis is trending on the social networks.

The blame game also is trending.

I am picturing our conservative agitators saying that President Barack Obama didn't do enough or say enough. I can imagine that terrorism will be front and center in the Democratic debate. I can imagine that Republicans will agitate bigotry towards Muslims.

Muslims condemn this tragedy.

The French government imposed a mandatory curfew for the entire country. President François Hollande announced that borders are closed. He also vows to find everyone involved in this tragedy.

The leaders come to the aid of the French government. President Barack Obama, Britain's David Cameron, Canada's Justin Trudeau, Germany's Angela Murkel, and Russia's Vladimir Putin all send sympathies to the French Republic.

The Beirut bombings, the Jordanian police officer who murdered American contractors, the apparent take down of the Russian Boeing plane has intelligence agencies pointing fingers at the Islamic State.

At least seven individual attacks took place, comprising of at least six shootings and three explosions.

Shootings were reported around the Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, Rue de Charonne, and Rue Bataclan.

Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon shootings

A shooting at the Petit Cambodge ("Little Cambodia") restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris resulted in several deaths, which are reported to be between four to eleven.

The assailants also shot people outside a bar called Le Carillon near the Canal Saint-Martin.

According to a police official, 11 people were killed at the restaurant. The assailants reportedly "fled in one or two vehicles" after the shootings.

La Belle Equipe shooting

Shots were fired at La Belle Equipe, a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Bataclan theatre siege and mass shooting

Shootings and hostage takings occurred at the Bataclan theatre in the 11th arrondissement where the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing to an audience of around 1,500. 60—100 hostages were taken.

The band's members escaped without injury.

Someone who escaped the attack told a journalist that the attackers mentioned Syria and that there were five or six attackers. One witness in the Bataclan stated that a gunman yelled "This is because of all the harm done by Hollande to Muslims all over the world."

There were further attacks reported on police and first responders who arrived at the scene after initial reports of shooting inside the theatre.

One of the attackers at the Bataclan had explosives, according to a police officer at the scene.

Julien Pierce, a journalist from Europe 1, said that he saw armed men enter the Bataclan, and two or three men not wearing masks fired indiscriminately on the crowd.

The siege ended at 1 am.

The police reported that an estimated 100 people were killed at the theatre.

Four attackers were killed, three of whom died by detonating their suicide belts.

Stade de France explosion

At least 10 people were injured or killed in an explosion at a bar near the Stade de France in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

The President of France, François Hollande, was at the Stade de France attending an international friendly football match between France and Germany. Hollande was safely evacuated from the scene and met the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve to coordinate a response to the emergency.

Explosions were heard on the live televised broadcast of the match.

Following the game, fans were brought onto the pitch to await evacuation as police monitored all exits from the venue.

I stand with the people of France in the wake of this horrific tragedy. We will continue to follow this tragedy.

If you want to help, please donate to the American Red Cross and Amnesty International for assistance.

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