Monday, November 23, 2015

The Tongue Is The Only Muscle Republicans Flex When They're Handling Terrorism!

The Republicans are weak on terrorism.

I've always said that I rather have a rational president than a shit throwing moron. If President Barack Obama was to run a third term, I will assure you, he would win.

Given the entire field of Democrats and Republicans, it's basically a bunch of wannabes and should not have beens. A handful of perennial candidates and a bunch of sissies.

None of them inspire me to vote for them. Seriously, even Hillary Clinton is a huge bore. Clinton is too freaking polarizing. It's frustrating that she fights dirty against Barack Obama more than the Republicans. The Republicans are constantly name dropping her without even backing up their claims. They just see Benghazi and Bill Clinton's personal business as a reason to stop her.

Donald Trump is a egotistical manic who craves attention. He's clueless on how to fix America's problems. The only thing that keeps him viable is the fact he talks tough and people soak that up.

Ben Carson is a bore. Either he pretends to be stupid or getting up there. He can't tell you really much. I mean he's a damn former neurosurgeon and he can't figure out how to handle a problem.

Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Martin O'Malley and Chris Christie are the wannabees. They think that since they won reelections, they believe that they're entitled to be president.

Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have no legislative accomplishments. They believe that if Barack Obama can do it, they can to. But what makes them so dumb is the fact that Obama doesn't try to isolate potential voters. These idiots do. Even if they seek the middle ground, they talk like a bunch of condescending dicks.

Besides Clinton, there's a handful of perennials. Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Jim Gilmore should head back to the curb. They're trash.

Barack Obama would mop the floor with these idiots. Given if he would have ran in 2012 and 2016, he would beat these idiots in a landslide like he did John McCain and perennial loser Mitt Romney.

Despite the onslaught of agitating from the Republicans and conservatives, many Americans would rather have a leader who thinks before making crucial decisions.

I want to kindly remind the concern trolls and blame Obama crowd that Republicans have never kept us safe. They have selective memories when it comes to keeping Americans safe.

If you seriously believe that Republicans are strong on terror, then you should be congratulated on how stupid you are.

Republicans are stupid. They can't have it both ways when it comes to protecting Americans. We haven't had a major terrorist attack in the United States since 2001. We have had more mass shootings in the United States and the Republicans are cowards when it comes to dealing with the safety of Americans.

Gun violence is the NUMBER ONE THREAT in the United States. Terrorism, Ebola, and HIV are major issues that face Americans. It's unfortunate that the threat of gun violence is by far more problematic.

Republicans so fixated on flexing the only muscle they've got: their goddamn tongues.
Poker face. President Barack Obama is aggressively fighting terrorism and Republicans are fighting him.
The Republicans and their conservative agitators allies have been "popping off" about how they would take on the media's boogeyman. The junk food media is the best public relations firm for the Islamic State.

The Islamic State is trying to convince people that the United States and their allies are attacking Muslims. They are encouraging men and women to retaliate against the West for destroying families.

The Republicans have complained that the president and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton failed to mention the threat of  *drumroll* "radical Islam".

The president warned his critics that they're new found interest in the safety of Americans will inspire the Islamic State to attack the country. He said that the anti-Islamic rhetoric is fueling tensions and its causing strains with allies wary of American influence.

The president is trying to built a coalition to take on the Islamic State.

Our conservative allies are so obsessed with the president not leading in the fight against the Islamic State. They seriously believe that Obama is "leading from behind".

In Washington, DC, many lawmakers are turning yellow. The House passed a bill that would restrict Syrian refugees from entering the country without even more stricter background checks. The Senate will take on the issue. The president will veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

The reactionary response to Syrian refugees has also gotten the attention of state governors.

Republican governors and state lawmakers have went out their way to try usurp federal law by restricting immigrants and refugees from seeking asylum. Then they're talk

The drinking game of Islamophobia has stroked tensions within the United States. White male resentment is on the rise and it's fueling Donald Trump's rise in the national polls.

Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are cruising on the White male resentment.

None of the candidates have a real solution to taking on the Islamic State. Many of their ideas equal what the president is doing. The only thing that Republicans refuse to do is say that they're willing to allow American troops in Syria.

Well maybe Lindsey Graham.

Nevertheless, Republicans are extremely weak on terrorism. George W. Bush and his administration ignored the threat. On September 11, 2001, four airplanes crashed into Washington, DC, New York City and rural Pennsylvania.

Bush had a Republican controlled Congress. They've wanted to cut government. They've cut intelligence.

Now if you really want to see how Republicans handle a crisis, look towards Hurricane Katrina. The Republicans certainly didn't keep us safe. The policies of the Republican president kept us in Iraq for nearly 10 years and Afghanistan for an infinite amount of years with no end in sight.

Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. law agencies, the military and intelligence agencies have captured drug lords, terrorists, sex traffickers, and gang members.

The president rather engage the enemy with the drone missiles.

The Republicans put their fate in irrational leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin.

Now the United States issued a worldwide travel alert for travelers. The U.S. State Department issued this alert for the potential threat of lone wolf attacks from terrorists.

The United States considers the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant an enemy. The Islamic State considers the U.S. and their allies the enemies.

W.A.R. should be an acronym for We Always Respond (or likely Whites Always Respond).

Because White resentment leads to war. And all this fear mongering pretty much gives the Islamic State the advantage.

The terrorists managed to put the fear in Republicans.

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