Saturday, October 10, 2015

Million Man March: 20 Years Later!

The Million Man March turns 20. The Nation of Islam's Honorable Louis Farrakhan and many speakers appear at the National Mall to discuss the issues facing Black America.

The Million Man March returns to Washington. This will celebrate 20 years since the first march upon the National Mall.

Justice or Else: The 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March: Justice or Else, sometimes abridged as Justice or Else or stylized as Justice or Else!, is a movement and a march in Washington D.C. that is part of the Black Lives Matter activist movement. Louis Farrakhan announced his "Justice or Else" event commemorates the 20th anniversary of the October 16, 1995 Million Man March.

Minister Louis Farrakhan will headline the event. It will outline a lot of things. One in particular is the Black male inside out. I managed to hear the speech and I strongly agree with the premise of the minister.

One thing that caught me was the instructions. His instructions are basically keep fighting for justice and ignore the noise. The noise (i.e. that annoying conservative agitator, David Clarke, Jr., O'Loofus and that network) will take his speech out of context and make it seem like he's calling for the death of White America. He doesn't call for any death of human beings. He said that arrogant America will be condemned by God. He said that the rich will continue to push the poor into fighting one another.

He said that Black men should keep BITCH out of their mouths.

He said that Black men should learn that killing one another doesn't bring strength. It brings weakness and it's a plan.

He slammed former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson for being a part of the system of corrupt lawmen who take joy in the pain and sorrow of Black America.

I wish I would have went tot the March. I would love to find my place in the world.

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