Sunday, October 04, 2015

Future Took A Trip To Blac Chyna!

Future's successful year. There's talk about him dating Blac Chyna. She's the ex-wife of washed up rapper Tyga.

After the past comes the present and then the future.

What A Time To Be Alive from Drake and Future came Number 1 on the Billboard Top 200. It pushing over 500,000 copies. It's well on its way to be platinum. The collaboration mixtape/album is the second Number 1 this year for both Drake and Future. This may be the first time Future scores a platinum album.

Drake release If You're Reading This It's Too Late in February and Future released Dirty Sprite 2 (titled DS2) in July.

Future is seeing endless possibilities. Last year, his high profile relationship with Ciara ended. Ciara gave birth to Future's son. Future has five children. He had one of his daughters from my closest cousin.

Rumors are swirling about his love life. There's talk about him dating Tyga's former girl Blac Chyna. The rapper isn't telling the world what he's doing but surely TMZ is agitating the possibility of this happening.
Amber Rose with Blac Chyna
Tyga is having a bad year. He is blowing money fast. He is dating Kylie Jenner, the now 18-year old celebrity agitator and her demands are seriously breaking him. He is apparently no longer on Young Money/Cash Money.

Tyga is feuding with former labelmate Drake. Last year, Tyga called Drake "fake" and "weirdo".

Drake rip him a new one. The boss Bryan "Birdman" Williams had him blackballed.

Blac Chyna is the mother of Tyga's son. She was pissed at Tyga for dumping her for the celebrity agitator. She called Kylie, an underage brat. Now she devotes her time trashing on him online and public. She says that he's a very desperate man who can't even take care of their son.

She and Amber Rose dog on Tyga for being foolish.
Rumor or fact? Future spotted with Blac Chyna.
To add insult to injury, Future may have gotten his girl. Tyga will likely address this relationship.

Future is a notorious cheater. The reason for the Ciara and Future break up was the allegations of cheating.

Future was pissed at Ciara for hitting him up on child support.  Ciara started dating Russell Wilson, the NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  She is allowing their son around Wilson and Future is none too happy about that.

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