Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Man Tears Q'uran In Front Of Wright State University Students!

Bigot rips out the Q'uran in front of Wright State University students.

It was confirmed that the 2016 Presidential Debate will be held in Dayton, Ohio at Wright State University. The Republican and Democratic nominee will be here to debate the issues.

Wright State University is celebrating this event. It becomes a first for the university to host the first national debate. It will be televised on major networks and it will help Wright State get national exposure.

Ohio hasn't hosted a debate since 1980.

All this good news was disrupted by a bigot who came to cause some trouble. This man who wanted some local junk food media attention went to Wright State University to protest Islam. When he came to the campus, he brought him a Q'uran, the Islamic holy book. The local news agitators and national media are covering this controversy.

He would tear this holy book in front of the students causing a disruption.

The law couldn't do anything to stop him. He was within his right to be a bigot. But the damage is done.

WDTN reports that the man who wasn't a student came to cause trouble.

The video shows a man who is not enrolled at the university tearing up the Q'uran. As he screamed, “This is evil”, a growing crowd yelled back, “God is Love”.  A Wright State spokesperson says the man is a student who travels to campuses across the country to demonstrate.

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