Monday, August 17, 2015

Tracy Morgan: I'm Coming Back To SNL, Baby!

Tracy Morgan returns. This is the memorable scene of Cop Out. Tracy and Bruce Willis were featured in this movie.

A year since the incident that nearly killed famed comedian Tracy Morgan, he announces a return to his old stomping ground.

Tracy will be the host of SNL this coming season. A triumphant return.

He still recovering from physical and brain injuries. He will have to learn how to walk again and regain his motor skills. But all that said, he is determined to bring the funny back to his fans.

On the New Jersey Turnpike, a driver from Walmart crashed into the limousine carrying Tracy and three of his friends. The driver, Kevin Roper of Georgia was charged with vehicular homcide (via manslaughter) in the death of James "Jimmy Mack" McNair. He also injured three others in the vehicle.

Roper who was on 28 hours of ride time was not paying attention to a construction slow down. His driving time was supposed to be less than 15 hours on the road.

Walmart settled with undisclosed amounts to keep the negative publicity off them.

Matter of fact, Walmart immediately fired Roper out the cannon. They told him that he owes them for the damaged truck and stock that was loss in the accident.

Roper is innocent until proven guilty. If he's charged in vehicular homicide (via manslaughter), he could land him 40 years in the iron college.

World News Today wishes Tracy a speedy recovery. We hope the best for him and his family.

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