Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Back To The Future: 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule!

Entertainers Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Drake and Meek Mill are feuding.

The Drake and Meek Mill feud may have started up another.

When Meek went into the final verse of his panned Wanna Know, he mentioned that this that Ja Rule and 50 Cent shit. Basically he said this feud will become physical if Drake goes near Philadelphia.

Ja went to social media to pan Meek's diss and remind his fans that he sold millions of albums and has the money to prove it. That's a knock to 50 declaring bankruptcy. He also stressed that nobody should be hurt in these rap feuds.

50 got wind of it and kindly remind his fans (or whoever would listen) that Ja got his ass tore up.

50 said that Ja would face another beat down.

And it's like a repeat of the same shit all over again for two longtime rappers. These Queens-based rappers are back burning each other. From social media to the studio, these two are back at it again!

Ja Rule (Jeffrey Atkins) and 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) reignited the feud they've started nearly 15 years ago. But who's listening to them?

They are both off the major labels. They have no label home and their shit ain't popping in the clubs anymore. They both seen the cannon fire them out. Def Jam fired Ja out the cannon after he was defeated by 50. Ja struggled to keep the magic going despite taking a "L" in this battle. Def Jam fired him out the cannon in 2007. The cannon was looking elsewhere. It seems despite having the world's best debut album, 50 saw his stock slide fast. I mean he was dogging on Ja for doing songs dancing with Ashanti. What the heck was he doing when he released Candy Shop? Interscope fired 50 out the cannon after he refused to change an album he wanted to push out so badly.

It's like Back to the Future. This old feud is like, old....

Seems like some things never change.
MTV caught a picture of them embracing one another. At first I thought it was joke, but it was true.

50 Cent was boarding a flight and saw Ja Rule on it. They did a picture for the fan.

Why don't you two just grow up.

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