Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jimmy Carter In Dire Straights!

Jimmy Carter announced he has cancer. The 39th President of the United States served from 1977 - 1981. 

The 39th President of the Untied States announced he has cancer. The 90 year old James Earl Carter, known as Jimmy Carter announced that he was being treated for his liver and it was discovered that he had cancer in more than just his liver.

The former president will be treated at an Atlanta hospital.

The White House got the word today and issued their sympathies for the former president.

Carter and George H.W. Bush are 90 years old respectfully.

Bush is the oldest surviving president.

Both Carter and elder Bush have served one term as president. They struggled through an economic downturn in which it costed them their chances at securing a second term.

Carter has been involved with Homes for Habitat for years. He's been active in the volunteer work.

World News Today send ours prayers to President Carter.

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