Monday, May 11, 2015

Zimmerman Took A Bullet To The Face!

Never a dull moment for the world's most hated man.

When that annoying conservative agitator tells him to stay out of the limelight, I am guessing that even he's getting tired of hearing about his old buddy George Zimmerman.

The man who was acquitted of the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin was shot and fairly injured by a man who pointed his firearm at him.

Lake Mary, Florida police have a suspect and he's talking.

The law said it stemmed from a road rage incident.

Zimmerman is a controversial figure given the numerous incidents since his acquittal. He can't catch a break. Despite the limelight, Zimmerman continues to do controversial stunts.

The junk food media reports that this incident happened around 12:45 pm. Zimmerman lives in Lake Mary and he claims that he was hanging out with his family. He claims that he was followed by another driver behind him in a commercial plaza who he recognized as the guy (Apperson) he got into it with earlier. Zimmerman took a U-turn and tried to flee. A bullet hits the right of his Honda Ridgeline.

This guy who fired upon him claims that Zimmerman started this. Zimmerman allegedly threatened to kill this man. The Lake Mary police identify the man as Matthew Apperson. This may be the same guy who may have shot Zimmerman. They been going at it for months. Since late 2014, Zimmerman and Apperson have exchanged threats and firearms.

Zimmerman was grazed in the face by a bullet and shattering glass. He was taken to a hospital and was treated for his injuries. He was released today.

Zimmerman is a concealed carry permit user. He denied being an instigator of this event.

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