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NSA Shooting: The Suspects Were Geekin' Transgender Prostitutes!

Ricky "Maya" Shawatza Hall was killed by the law after she crashed into the gates of the NSA. The FBI and Maryland state police determined that the suspect was a transgender prostitute who was trying flee the law after a botched robbery.

There was a story coming from the Washington, DC area. One suspect was killed after police opened fire on the vehicle that crashed through the gates of the National Security Administration near Fort Meade.

The suspects were apparently trying to flee the law after being tipped off that they stolen a vehicle.

Well the suspect Ricky Shawatza Hall (who goes by the name Maya) and her friend Kevin Fleming (unknown street name) were homeless. They were selling their bodies for drugs, food and shelter.

So Hall and Fleming were on the streets and a 60 year old man saw them. He picks them up and offers them an opportunity to make money. He figured that he was going to pay them at least $100 for a few hours and take them back to the streets. The suspects told the trick that he had to take a shower with them. So he gets undressed in the bathroom while the suspects clean his wallet and took his keys. As soon as he heard the door slam, the trick realized he was robbed.

Kevin Fleming, 20, was the passenger in the car when officers opened fire on the vehicle
Kevin Fleming's mugshot as a man. 
The suspects were geekers. Two prostitutes who robbed a trick. The suspects were transgender prostitutes from Baltimore who were picked up by a trick. The trick took them to a hotel in nearby Elkridge, MD. He probably knew the suspects were male. And he probably was a married man.

So the trick called the law, gave a description of the vehicle and told the law that they are within miles of the hotel.

Hall was driving the vehicle and Fleming was the passenger.

Hall exited off  MD State Route 295 (The Baltimore-Washington Parkway) near the NSA. There is an exit that is restricted to non-NSA officials.

They went into a restricted area. The officers immediately order the vehicle to stop.

According to the FBI, they refused order and plowed right through the gate. As soon as they plowed through the gate, the officers opened fire on the vehicle. Hall and Fleming were struck by the lead.

Hall crashed into a NSA police SUV. Hall was lifeless at the wheel. Fleming was also injured and is surviving on the ventilator. Fleming took a few to the chest.

Now many try to figure out if this was a case of either terrorism or just another horrible incident in which an unarmed suspect was killed by trigger happy cops.

We know they were suspects in a stolen vehicle. The suspects did have traces of the rock in possession and a firearm in the vehicle. The firearm probably belonged to the trick.
Hall died at the scene and Fleming  was injured in the shooting along with a guard believed to have been in the rammed police vehicle. Above, a white sheet appears to cover a body outside the the SUV
The sheet is over the suspect. The car was riddled with led. A NSA police unit vehicle destroyed.
The Howard County Sheriff may charge the trick for prostitution. The trick will probably have to have a bit of family counseling and a HIV test. Since he wasn't on the NSA property, his name isn't going to be released to the junk food media. Although, he may have a sense of vindication after the prostitutes were given a lead sandwich, the real problem lies between him and his wife. He doesn't have a vehicle to get to work. It's evidence. The trick's wife now believe her husband is gay or bisexual. He will probably have a cloud of shame hanging around him. He probably will be it doing again, but for the time being, he will have a lot of explaining to do with wife and family.

The FBI and Howard County Sheriff will determine if charges will be filed against Fleming should she survives the injuries. for theft, destruction of government property, drug and weapons possession and prostitution.

Hall end up paying the ultimate price. The bag 'em ups will do an autopsy on the suspect. They will determine if the suspect was binged on cocaine when this event happened. Maya earned herself a coffin and hundreds of mourners.

Expect the Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral.

The unfortunate tales of the grimy Baltimore streets. They thought in order to stay alive, they had to geek from tricks. They were accused of stealing from prostitutes, tricks, and charity.

I am assuming that Hall and Fleming came out as gay when they were young. They were rejected by family. They experience sex at an early age. I am guessing a family member or a male friend raped them when they were young. They were introduced to drugs. They fell in love with their fix and the dope boy. The dope boy would supply them with all their fixes. The only thing they had to do was let them get the loot and a little bit of head.

Hall and Fleming were probably raped, beaten and robbed during them days of hoeing. After all, transgender prostitutes are often beaten, raped, and killed by the tricks or anti-gay bigots.

Hall and Fleming spent time in the city lockup. Hall before had spent time in the iron college.

Transgender prostitutes often face more dangers because they're considered men in drag. Even if some are transitioning into women, some tricks may have a "panic" if they found out they got head from a woman who was biologically born a man.

In human trafficking, the need to satisfy the fix some turn to their friend the dope boy to help them make that money. Drugs are often associated with the hoeing game. The dope boy can become a prostitute's friend (aka pimp).

Pimps take advantage of female and transgender prostitutes. They offer them love and affection. They provide shelter, food and clothes. All they have to do for the pimp, is make them more money.

Do me a favor? Help my friend.
The Ford Escape is thought to have been stolen from the Terrace Motel in Elkridge, Maryland, where Hall and Fleming went with an unidentified 60-year-old man early Monday morning to 'party'
This hotel told the law that the trick was a regular customer.
The pimp will slut shame prostitutes. "You're not pretty. You can't make money if you look like this. You got to wear this in order to make men get you!"

The pimp will physically assault a prostitute. "Shut up bitch!"

Prostitutes will leave their children, legitimate boyfriends and husbands, and family to get a fix.

Crack cocaine and heroin are the common fix for prostitutes. Often prostitutes rely on sugar daddies and other females for protection. The pimp will always control his hoe.

If you don't get in line, you may end up in the white lines.

The FBI and state governments are trying to crack down on human trafficking. They are trying to push for needle exchanges, safe houses for prostitutes who want to leave the business,  harsher penalties for tricks, mandatory HIV testing for offenders, sexual awareness classes and family counseling.

Human trafficking and advocating prostitution could carry LIFE in the iron college.

Prostitution is a misdemeanor that could land the offender in the iron college for up to a year. If the prostitute or trick are HIV+, the charges are bumped to a CLASS THREE FELONY. That could carry up to 15 years in the iron college if the offender is caught.

Geeking is street lingo for stealing properties in order to acquire drugs.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Maya Hall.

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