Monday, April 06, 2015

BREAKING: Duke Captures NCAA Championship!

The Duke Blue Devils beats the Wisconsin Badgers.

It looking like the NCAA Division 1 champions are the Duke Blue Devils. The men's basketball team managed to survive a hard fought game. They came from the the back to the front. They managed to overpower a strong Wisconsin Badger defense.

At first Wisconsin overpowered Duke. But in the end, Duke managed to secure a strong lead after the Badgers fouled one too many times. They were trailing by ten points before the final five minutes.

I mean this is another win for the Blue Devils. The fifth title for the ACC conference team.

They're partying in Durham tonight.
One extraordinary night.
The 2014–15 Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team represents Duke University during the 2014–15 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. Returning as head coach is Hall of Famer Mike Krzyzewski. The team plays its home games at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina as members of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

By beating Michigan State 81-61 in the Final Four in Indianapolis, the Blue Devils defeated Wisconsin, 68–63 for the championship, won the 5th NCAA championship titles

Congratulations to the Blue Devils and coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Wisconsin was handed another defeat. They lost the Big Ten Championship in football and now the NCAA title game in basketball.

Wondering if they're planning on rioting in the streets. After all, the junk food media will see a bunch of drunken college students and fans rioting as unrest and unruliness.

Will the junk food media call the fans of the Badgers or Blue Devils who may riot after the NCAA title game animals?

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