Monday, April 06, 2015

Azealia Banks: I'll ________ The President! By The Way, ________ Drudge And Fox News!

Azealia tells the media to suck one....!

The controversial rapper/model responds to the criticism of her Playboy interview in which she called American conservatives a bunch of fat racist White folks. She didn't back down from her criticism.

She went as far to say that the Michael Brown shooting drew ire from White old bigots who shelter their children from Blacks.

She actually said to Billboard that she'll fuck with Obama, literally!

In the Billboard article, she tells the interviewer that in a sexual fantasy she would be able to fuck the president. Asked about her thoughts on President Barack Obama, Banks professed: "He’s so fine. Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to fuck the president,’” she said, before adding, "I sleep with my security guards. I love security guards. They're these big meathead bald white guys with blue eyes.”
Azealia Banks tells Loserville's Eric Bolling to suck a pickle.

“And I have had sex with a lot of my female friends," she continued. "It's a proximity thing. It's why I am going to call my next record 'Business and Pleasure,' because I'm always mixing the two." The 23-year-old went on to admit how much she has to “tone it down” in order to attract a really smart man who makes her laugh.

She attracted the ire of the conservative Craigslist and Loserville.

One in particular is Loserville's Eric Bolling called her the "Fool Of The Week".  Bolling is almost as annoying as that annoying conservative agitator on Loserville.

Bolling went into the full swing after the interview. He told Azealia Banks to grow up and respect her country or she can bounce.

In response, she told him to eat a dick. And then she kept the pressure on by slamming the network and the conservative Craiglist.

Banks never shy from picking fights told her fans to troll Bolling. And some did troll him.

Expect Banks to attract the ire of O'Loofus. 

In the Billboard article, Banks explains her impact on hip-hop, the infamous feuds, her sexual fantasy with men and women, her empowerment as a female rapper, and the future.

Her album Broke With Expensive Taste is re-released this month. She also talks about how the majors put her album on ice because of her personal views. 


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