Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just Throw It In The Bag!

The picture floating around the racist websites is this picture. Some say the Black man tried to snatch a purse. Others say the White woman was trying to snatch the big handbag.

Random Musings.... A perception of the rioting in Baltimore.

The $$$$ shots are the pictures that gives them scared White folks an emotional reaction towards this event that happened on Saturday and Monday.

We don't condone rioting and looting. We don't condone yellow journalism.

CNN, Fox News (aka Loserville), MSNBC (aka Obama News), the AM dial agitators, the internet agitators and local news agitators see click bait and ratings whenever an event goes on in America.

They chase the shinny coins.

This ongoing controversy comes in wake of the Freddie Gray death. Six Baltimore officers are off the force after video showed them arresting Gray. According to some, Gray was injured and he dragged to the police van with feet dragging.

Saturday was the first round of rioting in Baltimore. Monday after they buried Gray, the second round of rioting. Both netted some costly damages and injuries.
Baltimore looters. Some are White looters. The junk food media wants to see Blacks steal from the liquor store.
What the media fails to show is the peaceful protests that happened in the 99% of the city.

The 95% of protesters who aren't out there rioting or inciting rioting are being ignored. Usually the one who don't riot are flooded with condescending remarks about labeling the rioters "thugs" or saying that the Black leaders are not doing anything to solve this.

Another thing, are white people involved in rioting too?

Of course they are! But the media won't show that because it doesn't fit their narrative of the scary Black people stealing from the liquor store.

They're not interested in that nonsense about residents cleaning up burnt homes and the CVS store.

The junk food media isn't interested in the mayor taking all the incentives to stop the rioting. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has given the police all the resources needed to prevent more riots from happening.

The conservative agitators want President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson to react or come to these areas to solve these problems. But once they shows up the same agitators complain about them being there.

But one managed to capture a picture of a Black man and White women. The picture shows that he's stealing her purse.

That was splashed on the racist right webs.

But something is being cleared up. Was the White woman the aggressor?

Some say yes. Others say no.

According to some, they said that she was a drunk who tried to run up on the Black man. The others say that it was a purse snatching.

I can't judge it. What I see is perception. That's what generates the thoughts of Black men being natural born criminals.

Mic’s Derrick Clifton wrote, “When a mob of mostly white people take to the streets, vandalizing cars, storefronts and street signs in the process it usually means someone either won or lost a game.” Drawing on an earlier piece, penned by Zak Cheney-Rice, Clifton continues: “These rioters are usually called ‘revelers,’ ‘celebrants’ and ‘fans.’ They’re not even called ‘rioters’ in many cases. They’re not derided as ‘criminals,’ ‘thugs,’ ‘pigs,’ or even ‘violent.’ Those descriptors, as events in Baltimore Monday night reveals yet again, are only reserved for black people.”

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