Monday, January 26, 2015

Weezy: Cash Money F**k Me Over!

Lil' Wayne's feud with his label Cash Money Records is getting worse.

Dwayne Carter known as Lil' Wayne has had it with Cash Money Records. Now the rapper along with Tyga are openly expressing their frustration with the direction of the company.

Bryan "Birdman/Baby" and Ronald "Slim" Williams have put The Carter V on ice for the time being.

Lil' Wayne puts out the mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait and its harshly dissing his longtime label.

The junk food media has followed the trials and tribulations of Mr. Carter. He's been a controversial figure since his days as a 15 year old.

Now at 32 years old, Weezy F. Baby has finally told the public that Juvie, B.G. and Turk were right, Cash Money fucked us over!

The real reason for the delay is his shit isn't popping! Obviously Republic Records and Universal put a whole lot of money into the album. The last album release Not a Human Being II was a flop.

The rapper threatens a lawsuit. He plans on suing the label in U.S. federal court for $8 million in an album advance and his copyright. He is also asking the judge to dissolve the contract so he can leave Cash Money Records.

Cash Money records is home to Lil' Wayne, Tyga, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Birdman.

The saga continues.

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