Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Florida Cops Had Black On The Target Sheets!

Target practice.

Those in law enforcement know that the junk food media will make them look like the bad guy. So why do those in law enforcement continue to entice the junk food media?

The North Miami Beach police are doing damage control after a woman discovered her family member on a mugshot used for target practice.

In the wake of the killings of unarmed individuals such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Darrien Hunt, John Crawford, and Renisha McBride, police continue to use their judgement in operating their service weapon.

National Guard sergeant Valarie Deant saw her brother Woody on the target piece. Woody, a former member of the iron college served a four year bid for a fatal car accident. He's reformed and changed his ways.

After her sister saw the image, she took a picture of it and sent it through the social networking websites.

Now North Miami Beach police are back peddling their use of images. North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis admitted that his officers could have used better judgment, but denies any racial profiling.

The City of Medley owns the Medley Firearms Training Center and it leases the facilities to law enforcement agencies in the area. The shooting range staff doesn't select the targets used by law enforcement and the military.

The Deant family questions why officers were firing targets with images of real people, in this case African-Americans, especially at a time when relations between minority communities and law enforcement are so tense.

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