Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Drudge Report Is A White Extremist's Best Friend!

Lee Daniels' critically acclaimed drama Empire got worked over by the agitator of racial ignorance.

The Craigslist of right wing agitation posted tonight about the fate of Lee Daniels' hip-hop drama Empire getting the greenlight on Fox. The hip-hop drama featuring Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard and Taraj P. Henson managed to surprise the executives. The series has managed to survive two and its going to finish the season with eight episodes with second season pending.

Fox struggled like ABC and NBC when it comes to finding the show. They often put on series that are critically acclaimed but struggle when it put against NCIS, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and Two Broke Girls.
TVbythenumbers can determine where the cancellation bear may ruin a picnic.
Now here's what's on the Entertainment Weekly comment section. As usual the trolls of conservative Wackadoodle World have inserted the usual word vomit of White rights, Obama this, and liberal that!

Get a vomit bag cause it's going to be another dose of ignorance in the CAPITALS.

By the way, not all conservatives act like this. But a majority of them do! And it's reflective of the Republican Party and its allies. Say for example Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and his admission to attending a meeting sponsored by former Klan leader David Duke.

It's reflective of how these people think!

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