Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Bullet Has No Eyes!

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle in the Clint Eastwood military drama American Sniper. The legacy of Chris Kyle is being criticized by some in the junk food media.

Chris Kyle was the former Navy seal who claimed that he may have killed over 200 people during his days as a sniper. He was on television, radio and the internet promoting his bestselling book, American Sniper: The Autobiography of The Most Lethal Sniper in American History.

It told a tale of his multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan being a professional hitman. He would often be called upon to take out suspected terrorists. He would overcome PTSD (post trumatic stress disorder) and the stress of being away from family. He would later rebound by creating a business and wrote a biography about his life.

He was killed in 2013 by a deranged gunman in Texas at a shooting range. He was training veterans how to operate firearms in the way of a professional sniper. The shooter had mental issues (PTSD) shot Kyle and another man to death before he would steal the Kyle's vehicle.

The law would capture the suspect after a brief chase. Kyle left behind a wife and two children.

Conservatives would often praise this man for his often exciting tales of bucking individuals in target kills. The Kyle experience is often brought up by the likes of that annoying conservative agitator.

On Monday, I listened to that annoying conservative agitator complain about actor/filmmaker Michael Moore hitting the social networks with a criticism of the Clinton Eastwood movie adaption to American Sniper.

Eastwood's movie is nominated for six Oscars. It beat out the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic Selma.

Selma got nominated for an Oscar but snubbed for best director. It got nominated for best song by entertainers John Legend and Common.

Conservative agitators were mouthing off the Eastwood movie and it helped the movie beat out others.

That annoying conservative agitator was complaining about how "stupid" Michael Moore was and "he didn't care about what he said". But yet he led two segments about Moore on his right wing carnival and radio show. Again this is the reason why most in the media call him the worst cable news agitator.

He says that he's not bothered by critics of conservatives but yet devotes segments to it. And of course throws President Barack Obama into it regards of who the critic is. He's certainly entitled to do so, but like most people, we already know the obvious tactics of this annoying agitator.

The conservative outrage is over Michael Moore and Seth Rogen's criticism of the Clinton Eastwood movie inspired by the late Chris Kyle's book American Sniper.

They both went to the social networks saying that Kyle doesn't deserve praise for being a cold blooded killer. Although they didn't say it in bold face, they've often complained about the fantasy that is Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle with wife Tanya. Tanya is grateful for those who seen the biopic. Tanya is the widow of Kyle.
Some complained that Kyle harbored bigoted views towards Iraqis, Blacks and Muslims. Others dismissed this as another attempt by the liberal Hollywood elites trying to debunk a movie.

The movie American Sniper features Bradley Cooper (as Kyle) and its up for an Oscar nomination. The movie took a surprising $100 million in ticket sales and it's being promoted by the agitators.

Failed Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has went on the offensive and took a strike at Moore and Rogen.

Gingrich says that "Michael Moore should spend a few weeks with ISIS and Boko Haram. Then he might appreciate American Sniper. I am proud of our defenders."

The freedom of speech cuts both ways. Each of these individuals are controversial. They profit off outrage. Moore, Gingrich, Kyle, Eastwood, and that annoying conservative agitator have been notable for saying things that are catnip to the junk food media. Each of them failed at something.

Eastwood was mocked for talking to an empty chair.

Kyle was killed by a gunman at close range. He was a professional sniper and yet he let his guard down. He was crazy for allowing a man with mental issues handle a firearm. He didn't think a simple training session would end his life.

Gingrich called Obama the food stamp president. He ran one of the worst presidential campaigns ever. He lost most of his staff. He would rebound for a brief moment and released the most hard hitting ad against perennial loser Mitt Romney. He's often criticized for being a cheater in his three marriages and ineffective House Speaker. He has no accomplishments since leaving office. His CNN show Crossfire was canceled in December.

Moore is a filmmaker who made Fahrenheit 9/11, a movie that depicted George W. Bush and his administration as a blood thirsty war machine. He would criticize the Bush administration for ignoring signs of a terrorist attack. He would direct Canadian Bacon a failed movie. He's a member of the NRA although he's criticized the organization for promoting lawlessness. He is now single after a bitter fight with his ex-wife Kathleen Glynn. He's often loved and hated among the political class.

That annoying conservative agitator is one of the worst cable host in history. Since 1996, he's been a fixture on Loserville. He's been often the unopposed voice on a debate show with Alan Colmes, a comedian turned liberal agitator. After Colmes left, he was given his own show. The show is a political right wing carnival of ignorance. He would often scream and yell at those who disagree with him. He blindly attacks or supports controversial figures. He was demoted a few years back for Megyn the Outrage Princess. He's on the verge of being pulled off the air for some of his antics.

NOTE: Why I mention annoying conservative agitator so much? I will no longer mention Sean Hannity by name. I will only refer to him as that annoying conservative agitator.

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