Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Inept GOP Will Take Control Of The Senate!

President Barack Obama and these two old geezers. One is the majority leader! The Republicans WILL LIKELY take control of the Congress this coming session,

U.S. Senate Race outlook is looking good for the inept Republican Party.

It's time to give you the rundown of what's going on! In a few weeks, you may see democracy in action. The lousy House of Representatives will continue to be in the hold of Republicans. But the razor thin Democratic majority in the Senate will soon come to an end. The Democrats are already down about their chances of holding control. The president's so toxic this year, the Republicans and their racist right allies have been very motivated to send the Democrats back to the minority.

Again my predictions are stated as so, the Republicans will have 52 seats and the Democrats will have 48. The Republicans will take back the majority in Congress.

America get ready for two more years of gridlock and partisan antics from the president and the Republicans.

But this time the Republicans will be trying to impeach the president over Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, Black Panthers, Trayvon Martin, Beau Bergdahl, ISIS, Ebola, and the executive orders.

The Most Important Races In This Election.

Alaska - Lean Republican (held by Democrat)
Arkansas - Lean Republican (held by Democrat)
Colorado - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
Georgia - Toss Up (held by Republican/retiring)
Iowa - Toss Up (held by Democrat/retiring)
Kansas - Leans Republican (held by Republican)
Kentucky - Lean Republican (held by Republican)
Louisiana - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
New Hampshire - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
North Carolina - Leans Democratic (held by Democrat)

Safe Republican

Alabama - Republican running
Idaho - Republican running
Maine - Republican running
Mississippi - Republican running
Montana - Democrat retired
Nebraska - Republican retired
Oklahoma - Republican running/Republican retired
South Carolina - Both Republicans
South Dakota - Democrat retired
Tennessee - Republican running
Texas - Republican running
West Virginia - Democrat retired
Wyoming - Republican running

Safe Democrat

Delaware - Democrat running
Hawaii - Democrat running
Michigan - Democrat retiring
Minnesota - Democrat running
Virginia - Democrat running
New Mexico - Democrat running
New Jersey - Democrat running
Oregon - Democrat running
Rhode Island - Democrat running




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